Yiwugo (www.yiwugo.com), which is the official website of China Yiwu Commodity Market, is dedicated to Yiwu Market's transformation and upgrading from integrative development between online & offline business. All 75,000 booths from Yiwu markets have been moved onto Yiwugo, the 360 ° panoramic display of shops in Yiwugo makes visitors immersive as in physical markets. With the online & offline integrative complaint handling mechanism, every online transaction in Yiwugo is controllable and traceable.

To promote Yiwu markets' overseas influence and practice the developing policy of "Going Out", Yiwugo launches overseas cooperation project. By integrating Yiwugo's advantage and global partners' capacity, Yiwugo strives to provide intelligent & reliable trade service to overseas buyers and offer technical supports to our partners.

The benefits you can get from the partnership are:

1.Official authorization from Yiwugo, including common & exclusive authorization;

2.Individual company profile page, which will be displayed in Yiwugo’s homepage;

3.Yiwu market guidance and translation support to partners' customers;

4.Products and shops information on Yiwugo.com through API interface ;

5.Technical services of building an e-commerce platform or to be our substation;

6.Online promotion in Chinese market;

7.Merchants attraction and products selection;

8.Some other support to help partners to develop the service;

Welcome to be our partner! Be representative of Yiwu markets & Yiwugo.com, promote your business to higher level.

Contact E-mail:overseas@yiwugo.com
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